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tl;dr I published a course Double your programming productivity! It is on skillshare. They have a 2 month free trial if you want to check it out.

I have wanted to record a video course for a while now. Back in September 2018 I had a vacation and visited my family in Portugal and thought that would be a good opportunity to try it out.

I considered this idea in the past but life always got in the way. This time I made a commitment that I would publish whatever I had done by the end of the vacation. It turns out this commitment was the secret ingredient I needed to ship it!

As the end of the vacation neared my head started making excuses to keep me from publishing.

“It is not good enough”

“I learned so much about audio and video recording since I started that I should just redo the whole thing”

“some people around me will try to bring me down”

All true things by the way. But none of it mattered.

A nice quote comes to mind, no idea who said it:

Everybody is going to die and nobody is going to remember you so fuck it.

Someone wise I assume

I made a commitment and time was running out! And with that another quote:

Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later.

Seth Godin

I did not want to invest more into it without learning what happens when I put it out there.

And without further ado here is the result Double your programming productivity!

Was it a success? Well that depends on the metric 😉

My success metric was to publish whatever I had by the end of my vacation so from that point of view it was a success!

Anything I do out of my comfort zone makes me better.

I also learned a lot about audio and video recording and editing. Later I got invited by a coworker to teach in a coding camp my company organised in Poznań. He said he thought of me because of the course, whether or not that is the case is unknowable. Maybe he would have thought of me anyway. I do believe in the intangible benefits that come from putting myself out there though.

From a financial point of view it was not a success as of the time of this writing. But nor did I expect it to be. It actually went better than expected given I barely marketed it. Here are the current total results:

Total earned as of February 2019

On a side note, even thought this amount does not move the needle at all it still feels irrationally good to see money dropping into my account monthly without any extra effort on my part.

Update: as of January 2020 this course has 86 students. This growth happened without any marketing from my side.

Will I publish more courses and invest in marketing them?

Not on the short term. At the end of my vacation I started a company with a friend and that’s where my focus has been ever since. I hope to write about that experience eventually.


An interesting (read sad) fact is that I had to record from my parents bedroom because it was the only place in the house that was quiet enough. I still had to delete audio recordings in the morning because of my neighbour’s roosters crowing 😑🐓…

If you ever wondered what the most terrible least optimised video recording setup in the world would look like wonder no more…

The most terrible video recording setup in the world